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ARTwork Pricing varies depending on the size/type of requested canvas, and the amount of details requested for your painting.

  • Once I receive the required information from you, I will submit a price quote to you, which you can review and "accept" if you agree to the terms.

  • Once the price quote is accepted, I will add you to my painting schedule and begin the process of planning and designing your artwork.  


  • I aim to provide and produce quality work, Please allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of your artwork.

  • Upon completion of your artwork, I will submit a photo of the finished ARTwork for your review.  It is at this time, that I will submit a final invoice requesting full payment.  

  • Your Payment options will be available on that invoice and can be paid online.


  • Your painting will be set to ship once it is fully cured and no longer than 5-7 business days after receipt of your payment.


  • All paintings are shipped via UPS Ground.  Shipping and handling charges will apply.