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Commissioned Request Form
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Answers to  FAQ'Sto 

ARTwork Pricing varies depending on the size/type of requested canvas, and the amount of details requested for your painting. ​

  • Once I receive the required information from you, I will submit a price quote to you, which you can review and "accept" if you agree to the terms.  A 50% deposit will be collected at this time as well.

  • Once the price quote is accepted, and your deposit has been received.  Your request will be added to my painting schedule and  the planning and design of your artwork will begin.  

  • I aim to provide and produce quality work, Please allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of your artwork.

  • Upon completion of your artwork, I will submit a photo of the finished ARTwork for your review.  It is at this time, that I will submit a final invoice requesting full payment.  

  • Your Payment options will be available on the final invoice and can be paid online, or at in-person pickup.

  • Your painting will be set to ship once it is fully cured and no longer than 3-5 business days after receipt of your final payment.

  • All paintings are shipped via UPS Ground.  Shipping and handling charges will apply.

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