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Lizzette Sangster 2020 | Photo Credit: 

Life in itself is beautiful, 

I want my art to reflect that inspiration, and to be able to connect with those who share that similar passion 

and love.

"When I paint, my mind goes on a trip outside of my soul, as I watch my brushes dance across a blank canvas, and as every paint drop comes to life”.



    I create Original hand painted art pieces on canvas, in a variety of different types of Mediums.


 I Paint with Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolors


 Every single one of my pieces is finished with a final coat of Varnish, to seal protect and provide longevity to the art work.


 I also hand make, customized, floater frames for the artwork. I use all natural Pine wood, which is cut to size, sanded and hand painted to the customers preference, and to enhance the beauty of the artwork.

I accept Commissioned Requests of all types!

If you have any questions about my work, please feel free to message me by email at:

My primary goal when creating art work is to breathe life into what I do.  I love to get out and explore nature and all other forms of art for inspiration, as this relates to new ideas and the ability to stay excited about my art work.

Through my work I strive to seek and find the beauty in what makes us human.  To be able to explore and capture the marks we have left on our world.  Painting is a constant reminder for me to slow down and reconnect with the simple and enjoyable things life has to offer.  I can only hope to continue to grow as an Artist and become even more motivated and inspired to really see and appreciate the beauty in all things.   

My wish is to motivate, and inspire all who visit my site and who views my work, to explore your own spirit. To inspire “who you are” and what you want to become in this lifetime. 

To look more intently at the world around you, as you may be surprised to find beauty in the least expected places.  


Art can help us grow, Art can heal our hearts, excite our senses and inspire new ideas.  Art in all it’s variable forms is one of the most valuable gifts to our society.